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Deniz Ural

Pilates Teacher

Deniz was born in Istanbul, where she spent her childhood during which she loved doing various sports. She studied law at the University of Istanbul and later worked as a trainee lawyer. Work and love brought her to Switzerland, where she first came across Pilates.

Deniz discovered the benefits of regular Pilates exercises when being constantly under stress working and writing her PhD thesis at the University of Bern. Pilates helped her strengthen her body and mind, which soon led her to explore the Pilates method in depth by taking up a Basi® Comprehensive Teacher Training course (equipment/mat) in Zurich. She is now a certified Pilates instructor. This newfound passion for teaching Pilates has transformed her life: Deniz has found her vocation in supporting clients in leading a healthier and happier lifestyle by applying the Pilates method.


Deniz is a mother of two daughters, and in her spare time, she loves to read and find inspiration in the places and people she encounters on travels with her family to destinations near and far.

Deniz Ural
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