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Mirjam Haymann

Yoga Teacher & Coach

Mirjam was born and raised in Zurich and completed her law degree at the University of Lucerne before taking a U-turn and becoming a yoga teacher. She lived in Hong Kong for many years, where she took a deep dive into the yoga world. She completed various teacher trainings, including specialisation in pre-and postnatal as well as birth preparation - always focusing on alignment-based practice.

Coming from an intellectual family, where psychological, political and philosophical topics were discussed at every dinner table - the physical work was like a treasure, the missing piece. She was not physically active or bendy before starting her yoga journey when she was around twenty-two. That's why she is deeply aware of how hard it can be to get over oneself and begin integrating the body - and how much of a positive impact movement can have on our overall physical, mental and emotional health. She was instantly fascinated by the yoga theory behind the practice that supports the connection between body and mind, radical self-empowerment as well as spiritual teachings.

Mirjam has been teaching yoga for over twelve years: big events, regular classes, workshops and one-on-ones. She mentors other yoga teachers and also offers life coaching to support people navigating stressful situations, helping them to walk with confidence and to act with kindness and integrity towards themselves and others.

She is an activist and public speaker for a healthy and meaningful lifestyle. She is a mother of three kids, who are her everything.

Mirjam Haymann
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